Tenka Solar's Module Earns BSTI Seal

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Tenka Solar is proud to announce that our Tenka Solar Orion Serie V (550Wp module version) has achieved BSTI approval, an important acknowledgment affirming our commitment to providing high-quality sustainable energy solutions in the Bangladesh market.

BSTI approval, issued by the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution, signifies that a product meets rigorous quality and safety standards. This process ensures consumer trust and compliance with both national and international standards. Achieving BSTI approval demonstrates Tenka Solar’s dedication to product excellence and global standard compliance, a crucial factor for our expansion in the Bangladesh market and beyond.

BSTI’s Global Relevance

As a member of organizations like ISO and IEC, BSTI’s approval is aligned with international quality benchmarks, making it a globally recognized mark of reliability and quality.

Tenka Solar’s Inclusion in the Government List

In a significant recognition of our quality and compliance, the Tenka Solar 550Wp has been included in the official government list of approved solar modules for Bangladesh (visible here). This inclusion not only underscores our product’s compliance with strict standards but also opens doors to extensive opportunities in the burgeoning sustainable energy sector of Bangladesh.

This milestone opens new prospects for Tenka Solar in the sustainable energy landscape of Bangladesh, cementing our reputation as a serious and reliable company committed to delivering top-tier, environmentally-conscious energy solutions

The BSTI approval and our inclusion in the Bangladesh government’s solar module list represent Tenka Solar‘s unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability in the global solar energy market.

For detailed insights into our BSTI certification and to view the certificate: