The Company

Leader in the production of high-tech and performance solar panels

The Company

The high technology and the well-organized and performing logistics make TENKA SOLAR a reference point for all the companies specializing in solar panel market.

Quality products & innovative research

We have quality products & innovative

In fact, we provide the most efficient and reliable products.
Our ambition is to distribute our products worldwide and keep improving technologies to offer the best products to our customers. The high quality of Tenka Solar panels is ensured by a timely, accurate and consistent control of production standards, applied to the production cycle from the care of raw material sourcing to the verification of all raw materials used.

R&D department

R&D Department

The ongoing technological and engineering updating of the R&D department of the group ensures high performance throughout their lifespan (25-years warranty and 90% of the power of the module for 10 years). Our products guarantee a certain and clear return on the customer’s investments. We strive to achieve the goal through effective structures, efficient processes, systematic management of investments and continuous optimization of costs. Such as, Tenka Solar is one of the largest industries and also one of the most profitable and innovative manufacturers.

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All Tenka Solar products are equipped with the most recognized certifications in the European and international markets, such as: TUV, CE, ISO, and IEC.


Tenka Solar is German Solar Panel company with Headquarters in Munich and production sites in Europe & China. Tenka Solar is a registered trademark and property of JY Capital, an investment company present worldwide, with distributors and subsidiaries and sales offices in Europe, America, and Asia are dealing mainly with investments in the field of renewable energy.