Tenka Solar @ Solar & Storage Live London 2024

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We’re thrilled to announce Tenka Solar’s spotlight participation at Solar & Storage London, the foremost event for solar and energy storage innovations in the UK, from April 29th to 30th, 2024.

We’re excited to unveil PrismaX®️, a significant breakthrough in solar technology: it enhances solar panel efficiency through a novel integration of an organic layer beneath the silicon cells. This pioneering design enables PrismaX®️ panels to achieve a remarkable 30-35% improvement in efficiency, leading to increased energy generation over the same surface area.

We’ll also showcase our Orion Ultimate®, a key part of our lineup, known for its Back Contact Technology and a sleek, minimalist black design.

Experience the next generation of solar technology with Tenka Solar at Solar & Storage Live London 2024. Discover PrismaX®️ and our other advanced technologies such as Ultimate and Orion at our distributors’ booth.