Tenka Solar @Solar Solutions Amsterdam

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We’re thrilled to announce Tenka Solar’s participation in Solar Solutions Amsterdam, the largest exhibition for solar energy in Northwest Europe, happening from March 19th to 21st, 2024.

This year, at Innovation Boulevard we’ll unveil PrismaX®️, our latest innovation designed to redefine solar panel efficiency: PrismaX®️ introduces a novel approach by integrating an organic layer beneath the silicon cells, achieving unprecedented performance.

This innovative design enables PrismaX®️ panels to increase efficiency by 30-35%, ensuring more energy production for the same surface area. Additionally, Prismax panels activate earlier in the day, maximizing power generation hours.

Discover the future of solar energy with Tenka Solar at Solar Solutions Amsterdam. Find us at Innovation Boulevard with PrismaX®️, and explore our other leading technologies, Ultimate and Orion, at our distributors’ stand.