Tenka Solar and Amica Energy

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Karachi, PakistanTenka Solar, a globally recognized leader in the solar energy sector, is delighted to announce a significant strategic partnership with Amica Energy. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in Tenka Solar’s unwavering commitment to enhancing energy sustainability in Pakistan.

In a joint endeavour with Amica Energy, Tenka Solar is ready to offer its high-technology solar panels, serving as a vital catalyst in the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape in the region.

This venture establishes a solid foundation for fostering the proliferation of renewable energy solutions within Pakistan, aligning perfectly with the nation’s green energy aspirations.

“Following the formalization of this agreement, we reinforce our mutual commitment to fostering innovation and excellence within the solar energy sector,” says Alessandro Giaquinta, the CEO of Tenka Solar. Alessandro Giaquinta further states, “This partnership embodies our mission to promote sustainable energy solutions and serves as a testament to the synergies between Tenka Solar and Amica Energy in driving forward a greener, brighter future.”

Tenka Solar and Amica Energy anticipate this partnership to pave the way for a series of initiatives to promote energy innovation and sustainability, ultimately contributing to a healthier planet and a thriving economy in Pakistan.

Tenka Solar invites all stakeholders, including media, industry peers, and the community, to stay tuned for further updates.