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The Tenka Ecosystem offers a harmonious blend of efficiency and innovation, tailored to meet customer needs. Its integrated approach ensures seamless compatibility across all components, from solar panels to energy storage. This synergy not only simplifies installation and maintenance but also optimizes energy production and usage. Customers benefit from a streamlined, high performance system that maximizes renewable energy utilization, reducing both costs and environmental impact.

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With the Tenka Ecosystem, customers experience the convenience of advanced technology.

The Ecosystem

Residential Scenario

Our high-efficiency inverters are designed for reliability and maximum performance, specifically for residential PV systems. The seamless combination of high-performance modules with inverters, PV batteries, heat pumps, and AC EV chargers makes the Tenka Power Ecosystem ideal for home solar setups. Benefit from the user-friendly Tenka Power Cloud app to monitor your complete PV system.

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The Ecosystem

Farmers and Farms

Tenka Power specializes in providing solar solutions for farmers and agricultural applications. Tenka Power inverters are IP66 rated, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Our hybrid inverters offer 3-phase emergency power and can be connected to a PV battery. With advanced technology, easy installation, and efficient energy management, Tenka Power supports sustainable and costeffective energy production

The Ecosystem

Agricultural Scenario

Tenka Power delivers optimized solar solutions for PV scenarios. Our products are tailored for farm energy requirements, offering durable, high-efficiency inverters with easy installation. Equipped with advanced monitoring and a robust design, Tenka Power ensures reliable, sustainable energy production for diverse agricultural PV scenarios.

The Ecosystem

Commercial Scenario

Tenka Power excels in PV scenarios, offering high-performance inverters suitable for various business needs. Our solutions ensure maximum energy efficiency, durability, and user-friendly operation. Tenka Power hybrid inverters offer advanced technologies like 3-phase emergency power and peak load shaving, and can be connected plug-and-play to a PV battery. Ideal for smart energy integration.

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The Ecosystem

Industrial Scenario

Tenka Power is ideal for PV scenarios, providing powerful, reliable inverters designed for industrial needs. Our products ensure peak efficiency, durability, and easy integration. With cutting-edge technology, Tenka Power enables industrial facilities to achieve sustainable, highperformance energy solutions.

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The Ecosystem

Utility Scale Scenario

Tenka Power caters to PV scenarios with robust, high-capacity inverters engineered for large-scale energy production. Our solutions offer unparalleled efficiency, advanced technology, and reliable performance, making them ideal for utility applications. Tenka Power enables large-scale renewable energy projects to maximize output and sustainability.

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Discover Tenka Power's cutting-edge technology that guarantees reliability and efficiency, tailored to meet diverse energy demands seamlessly.

All from a single source

3‐Phase emergency

power protects against blackout

Active safety

with Tenka Power solutions

Heating and Cooling

by Tenka Power

Cloud based monitoring

anytime, anywhere!

3‐Phase emergency power protects against blackout

Experience exceptional comfort and reliability with our advanced emergency power system. It provides a 3-phase supply, ensuring critical loads like motors stay active. With a 200% capacity for 10 seconds, it handles high power demands. Seamlessly transition during outages with a UPS-level switch time under 10 milliseconds. Scalable for battery and inverter expansion, it avoids costly panel modifications with its 3-phase output. Customize your power with inverters from 5 to 30 kW and batteries from 7.5 to 80 kWh, ensuring an efficient energy solution.

The Ecosystem

EPS and UPS integrated

Experience uninterrupted power with our advanced photovoltaic emergency power solution. This system features a 3-phase uninterruptible power supply, ensuring your essential appliances stay operational during outages.

  • High Performance: Provides 200% power capacity for 10 seconds, ideal for motors and water pumps.
  • Ultra-Fast Switching: Ensures stable power with a UPS-level switch time under 10 milliseconds.
  • Easy Integration: Simplifies installation by eliminating costly distribution panel modifications.
  • Customizable Solutions: Offers hybrid inverters from 5 to 30 kW and battery storage up to 80 kWh, allowing you to tailor and scale your energy needs.

Trust our system for consistent, reliable power, ensuring smooth operations during disruptions.

Active safety with Tenka Power solutions

Our PV systems prioritize safety with advanced features that protect both the system and your home. They include safe inverter technology with continuous fault monitoring and AFCI to detect arc faults. Integrated safety functions swiftly address any abnormalities. Daily insulation checks of the PV generator enhance safety, and our lean system design eliminates the need for complex MLPE, making our PV solutions both efficient and secure. All products are tested and certified by internationally recognized labs.

The Ecosystem

Next levelsafety for your PV system

Our PV systems embody the highest standards of safety, featuring advanced inverter technology with integrated arc fault monitoring and automatic insulation checks, all within a lean and efficient system design for enhanced security and reliability.

  • Integrated Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter: Accurate arc fault detection with rapid inverter shutdown.
  • Continuous Fault Monitoring: Automatic fault current monitoring for immediate response.
  • Daily Insulation Checks: Automated checks every morning ensure system integrity.
  • Safe Inverter Disconnection: Inverters safely disconnect from solar modules to prevent hazards.
  • Lean Design: Eliminates complex MLPE, reducing safety risks and enhancing system security.

Tenka Power PV Battery:

  • Cell Level Protection: LFP from top suppliers with cell level management.
  • Electrical Protection: Overcharging, overcurrent, overtemperature, and short-circuit protection.
  • Structural Protection: High-strength, high-melting cabinet with IP66 class level protection.

Tenka Power heat for Heating and Cooling

Experience the revolution in home climate control with our solar-powered electric heat pumps. Our solution offers a sustainable and cost-effective way to meet your heating and cooling needs. By harnessing solar energy, it reduces reliance on traditional power sources, leading to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. Our system ensures eco-friendly operation and consistent comfort year-round, optimizing energy use and enhancing self-sufficiency. This integration of renewable energy with advanced climate control technology is a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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Transform winter warmth with our heat pump, an efficient heating solution powered by free solar energy from our PV system. This approach significantly cuts heating costs and reliance on conventional energy sources, providing a cozy and sustainable home environment during winter.

Cooling Icon

Utilize our heat pump for efficient and cost-effective cooling during summer, powered by free green energy from your solar system. This eco-friendly solution not only cuts your electricity bill but also reduces your carbon footprint, ensuring a comfortable and cool home environment.

Cloud based monitoring anytime, anywhere!

Experience the simplicity of Tenka Power's user‐friendly 24/7 PV system monitoring solution – anytime, anywhere, at no cost. Available as an app for iOS and Android devices and through the browser-based Tenka Power Cloud Portal. Our smart O&M ensures your system operates at peak efficiency with minimal effort. Easy integration into your Home Energy Management Systems with a variety of communication interfaces, including WIFI, Ethernet, and RS485. The Tenka Power Cloud App unifies control over all products, from inverters to AC EV chargers and heat pumps.

The Ecosystem

Cloud App

Overall control

  • User‐friendly, easy to use, easy to navigate
  • 24/7 PV System Monitoring
  • System commissioning with App
  • Included, no additional costs
  • iOS and Android version available
  • Bi‐directional communication
  • Simple and Smart O&M

Full Transparency of your PV Project

  • A variety of communication interfaces; WIFI, Ethernet, RS485 for integration into Home Energy Management Systems
  • One app for all products (Inverters, Energy storage batteries, AC EV‐Chargers, Heat‐Pumps, etc.)
  • Strict privacy data protection
  • Easy to use reporting management
  • Full transparency of energy production and consumption

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