Tenka Express: High Quality and Fast Supply

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In every economy energy is the main engine.

Conventional fuels such as carbon and petrol still have and are the primary sources of energy and their long term availaibility has be come one of the main worries. Moreover, the increasing in the use of conventional fuels has led to the production of high concentration green house gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, which is one of the main worries about the global warming and the climate change. Not by chance it’s been this the main subject of the last “big” meeting, the G20 in Rome.

Renewable energy “ par excellence” is of course the solar one. TENKA SOLAR commitment is since ever to make panels always more performant, by investing in innovation and research and becoming in few years a reference point for the global market.

TENKA SOLAR stands out as Leader in high-tech and performing solar panels production and in customers service in the large scale supply chain. The high-tech as well as organized and performing Logistics make it the main referent for all the specialized Companies in the solar panels set up market. 

TENKA SOLAR, as opposed to other big players currently in trouble in raw material supply and consequent delivery of the received orders, is higly performing because it’s able to fulfil in real time any kind of request by the Companies of the market area. This ensures them the ready operational capacity, which is mandatory to be competitive and leader in the increasing request of the product by any kind of user and need.

TENKA SOLAR has made all this possible thanks to a company policy based on big investments catalyzed on the “look ahead” rule to be a “concrete guarantee”, no ifs or buts, once the global market was been invaded by the need of renewable energy, thus by the pressing request of solar panels.

To make it all real and practical, TENKA SOLAR has done a policy of strong economic investments in Technical field and, not least, in the Logistics one. This, by giving a solid structure to all that chain (ships, containers and trained staff), which is the essential element to satisfy any kind of request and the “prompt delivery” for any kind of order in the timing and conditions agreed with the client.