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Tenka Solar’s success can be attributed to the team’s ability to work alongside customers and anticipate their needs, as well as the innovative nature of its flagship products. Orion’s technology is the result of a policy that puts research first.

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Cell Efficiency


minimun deterioration

Orion Technology is characterized by a nanometric coating that allows it to work homogeneously with the entire range of visible light, enabling higher absorption than standard panels.

The result of a discovery by our researchers, this coating is composed of thousands of small prisms whose characteristics allow the photon flow to be ordered, guaranteeing a superior capacity to convert the sun’s rays into usable energy; a unique process that brings several important benefits.

Guarantee minimun deterioration


The first relates to efficiency: their greater yield allows them to occupy a smaller surface area for the same amount of energy produced, achieving 20-30% more power than panels of the same size. Added to this is a high resistance to high temperatures and a consequent reduction in aging/ deterioration of the product, allowing for continuous performance over time.

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On-grid commercial/ industrial roof-tops
Solar power plants
Off-grid systems

minimun deterioration

All panels in the Orion range guarantee a minimum deterioration curve and therefore the maintenance over time of continuous performance of over 90% for the first 15 years and 80% for the next 15.

The high quality of the panels is ensured by the timely, accurate and consistent control of the standards applied to the production cycle, which begins with a meticulous search for raw materials and ends with a thorough examination of all process steps.

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New Generation
of photovoltaics

The Orion technology solar cell research project looks towards a new generation of photovoltaics, which will also be able to collect high wavelength sunlight (infrared) and transform it into electrical energy with very high efficiencies, creating a cell with an enormous power-to-weight ratio.

The nerve center of this research is located in the new research center in Dubai, thanks to which Tenka has succeeded in giving a further boost to the evolution of panels.