Tenka Solar Plant 1.3 MW



1.3 MW

Solar Plant

417 tons annually

CO2 emissions avoided

Tenka Solar Powers Sustainable Innovation with Orion Series IX Panels in Benicarló

In line with our commitment to facilitating renewable energy initiatives, Tenka Solar is pleased to confirm its collaboration with COELBE on a solar installation project located in Benicarló, Spain.

The project

Within the industrial premises of ALESPRI (GRUPO INDUSTRIAL ALESPRI) in Benicarló, a Solar Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Installation has been developed. Tenka Solar supplied 1,883 units of the Orion Series IX 690 Watt panels for this project. The inclusion of these panels has enhanced the installation’s total capacity to 1.3 MWp. With an estimated annual generation capacity of 1,168 MWh, the installation plays a crucial role in ALESPRI’s energy infrastructure.

Furthermore, this installation is projected to mitigate approximately 417 tons of carbon emissions annually and covers over 20% of ALESPRI’s annual electric demand, translating into significant financial and ecologic savings.

We acknowledge the valuable efforts of COELBE in the execution and management of this project and appreciate the trust ALESPRI placed in our capabilities. We also extend our gratitude to all partners and stakeholders for their role in this collaborative endeavor.