Tenka Solar Plant 4,5 GW


15.000 acres

4,5 GW

Solar Plant

2.385.000 kg

CO2 emissions avoided

The 15,000 acres, 4,5 gigawatt plant harnesses solar energy to power a large plant for the production of clean hydrogen.

Nevada Tenka Solar Plant represents a major renewable-energy success story, realized on the same land with an Hydrogen Plants is the reference point for renewable energies. The building of pv solar plants in the U.S. could help contribute to a lower carbon-emitting electricity grid in just a few decades. As a clean, reliable and cost-efficient technology, offers enormous potential for the U.S., and Tenka Solar is leading the way in making it a reality. The project will go online in June, creating an important job opportunity for construction jobs during building. The plant will be a gift to the planet, it will avoids the CO2 emissions equivalent to 12,000 cars, bringing value to the company, the environment and Nevada people.

The project

Projected CO2 emissions avoided 2.385.000 kg of CO2 avoided, equivalent to taking approximately 12.000 cars off the road annually.
If we consider for example about 20,000 kilometers per year, using a car with average CO2 emissions according to the WLTP cycle of 100 g / km, the average emissions will be equal to 200 kg of CO2 per year.