Tenka Solar Plant 6.16 MW


60.000 sq

6.16 MW

Solar Plant

7.2 GW

Annual production

Tenka Solar is proud to be the chosen supplier for a transformative photovoltaic project in Verona, Italy.

In a significant stride towards sustainable redevelopment, Tenka Solar has partnered with FV-VR srl for a landmark initiative in Verona. Located at Via Delle Trincee, the logistic building, owned by the European Core Property Fund Italy and managed by Kryalos SGR S.p.A., with participation from Barings, stands as a testament to the potential of repurposing industrial spaces.

The project

The project breathes new life into the previously discontinued Biasi foundries, turning them into energy-efficient logistics hubs that play a pivotal role in southern Verona’s energy landscape. Our contribution includes the provision of 11,100 units of our Orion Series 7 595 Watt polycrystalline silicon panels, elevating the plant’s total capacity to an impressive 6.16 MW. This initiative, with an estimated annual output of 7.2 GW, was made possible through the trust and collaboration of PROGECA, responsible for the project’s engineering and procurement activities.

A special thanks also to the partners of FV-VR for their support, and to SMA, Sun Ballast, Imefy, Sarel, 311, Elettrogruppo01. Together, we’re making strides in sustainable energy solutions.