• High conversion efficiency with high reliability,
  • Uniform cell performance with stable process control,
  • Low mismatch of cell performance during encapsulation,
  • Excellent performance under low lighting,
  • Low hot spot effect,
  • Low degradation under light exposure.

Production and quality control

  • Proper inspection through incoming production, outgoing and packaging,
  • Efficiency tested within ±0,2% accuracy,
  • 100% checked for reverse current and visual appearance,
  • Reference cell calibrated from Fraunhofer.
156mm x 156mm ± 0,5mm
Thickness (SI):
200μm ± 400μm
Silicon nitride antireflection coatings. Solid/hollow alternative silver busbar
Full-surface aluminum back-surface field. 2,0mm ± 0,1mm (silver/aluminum) soldering pads
Efficiency Code192191190189188187186185184183182181180179178
Efficiency Eff (%)19.2019.1019.0018.9018.8018.7018.6018.5018.4018.3018.2018.1018.0017.9017.80
Power Ppm (W)4.6694.6454.6234.5994.5754.5524.5274.5034.4794.4554.4304.4064.3804.3594.331
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)9.0679.0499.0299.0048.9758.9478.9238.9008.8818.8708.8598.8428.8328.8208.809
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V)0.6360.6350.6340.6330.6320.6310.6310.6300.6300.6300.6290.6280.6270.6260.625
Max. Power Current Ipm (A)8.6228.5948.5708.5478.5218.4828.4558.4238.3978.3858.3688.3418.3238.3108.302
Max. Power Voltage Vpm (V)0.5420.5410.5390.5380.5370.5370.5360.5350.5330.5310.5290.5280.5260.5250.523
Current Temperature Coefficient α (Isc)0.02%/K
Voltage Temperature Coefficient β (Voc)-0.32 %/K
Power Temperature Coefficient γ (Pmax)-0.40 %/K

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