PrismaX® Technology is THE GAME CHANGER IN THE SOLAR INDUSTRY: this year the showpiece is our solar panel with tandem technology, equipped with silicon solar cells and an organic layer.

Technology & quality

29% module efficiency

New Record

Tandem Technology

Organic and Silicon Layer

Extending operational

time by 30%

PrismaX®: Illuminating the Future with Tenka Solar's Breakthrough Efficiency

For years, Tenka Solar has been a pivotal player in the solar panel manufacturing industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of efficiency and performance. Years of dedicated research have culminated in the development of a technology that not only shatters efficiency records but also extends operational time by 30% over traditional panels, capturing more sunlight from dawn to dusk. With the introduction of PrismaX®, Tenka Solar is not just innovating; it's reshaping the market landscape, promising more energy, more life, and a brighter future for all.

Next-Gen Solar with
Unmatched Efficiency in 2024

With PrismaX® technology Tenka Solar is the first company in the world introducing such revolutionary technology on mass production level. The PrismaX® has a maximum efficiency of 29 percent and will be available later this year. With this solar panel, an extra organic layer is placed under the silicon layer based on tandem technology. The silicon layer reveals narrow gaps between the solar cell strings, allowing the organic layer and thus the entire PV module to be activated, even in situations with little sunlight.


On-grid residential roof-tops
On-grid commercial/ industrial roof-tops
Solar power plants
Off-grid systems
Guarantee minimun deterioration

Daylight Energy Capture

PrismaX® solar panels stand out by starting their energy capture earlier and finishing later than traditional panels, leveraging every possible hour of sunlight. This unique capability enables them to produce 30% more energy, even from indirect sunlight, enhancing efficiency significantly. Furthermore, PrismaX® technology ensures cells operate more efficiently thanks to an innovative organic layer and sophisticated software. This combination prevents excessive heating and significantly reduces cell degradation over time, marking PrismaX® as a leading solution in solar energy sustainability and longevity.

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"We've made a deliberate choice to radically alter the market landscape with the introduction of our PrismaX® solar panel and its unprecedented efficiency. We are propelling the solar power into a new era and we invite everyone to join us: together, we are not just witnessing a change; we are the change”.