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Expandable PV-Battery storage

Tenka Power Storage

Scalable high-voltage energy storage

The Tenka Power Storage series sets a new standard for high-voltage batteries, offering reliable and fully customizable energy storage for homeowners.

Tenka Power Storage offers a modular solution tailored to your needs. With 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5 or 20 kWh and the ability to expand later, the Tenka battery is ideal for responding to changing needs. Tenka Hybrid inverters work with Tenka Power energy storages to store and use electric power during peak demand or grid outages.

Art. Nr.: 3402020000


The Tenka Power Storage system boasts a modular, easy-to-install design, scaling up to 20 kWh. Supporting multiple operation modes such as peak shaving, increased self consumption and time of use tariffs. Tenka Power Storage offers a versatile energy solution perfectly matching your needs.


Complying with highest quality and safety standards, the Tenka Power Storage series features highly reliable, IP65-certified high-voltage batteries for indoor and outdoor installation. A sophisticated Battery Management System monitors and controls performance, ensuring safety, efficiency and long-term operation.

Installation & Monitoring

Tenka Power Storage series emphasizes user convenience with 24/7 online monitoring, providing real-time insights into energy production and consumption data. Seamless integration with Tenka Power Cloud App and Tenka hybrid inverters offering easy commissioning and quick installation.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

Easy expansion

Modular Design for simple expansion
by 2,5 kWh battery packs

Plug & Play installation

Quick and easy plug and play

IP-65 Rating

IP65-rated design for reliable
indoor and outdoor use

IP-65 Rating

IP65-rated design for reliable
indoor and outdoor use

Light weight

Compact and light weight design with
just only 30 kg per battery pack

Highest Safety standards

4 level safety protection and Lithium
iron phosphate cell technology

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