Built-in Modbus and pulsed outputs for connectivity

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Ensures Class 0.5 accuracy for reliable readings

Tenka Power Meter

Advanced Multi-Phase Electricity Metering

The Tenka Power Meter is both a single-phase and three-phase multifunction 100A direct fed DIN rail mounted electricity meter with built in Modbus and Pulsed outputs. It can measure and display the characteristic of 1p2w ,3p3w and 3p4w supplies, with a user-friendly menu navigation and highly visible LCD display.

Tenka Power Meter connects automatically per plug & play and ensures precision accuracy Class 0.5 for versatile and reliable measuring capabilities.

Art. Nr.: 6204020000

Versatile Measuring Capabilities

The Tenka Power Meter supports both single-phase and three-phase configurations, suitable for a variety of installations including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. It measures 1p2w, 3p3w, and 3p4w supplies with ease, making it adaptable to diverse electrical environments.

Precision and Reliability

With Class 0.5 accuracy, the Tenka Power Meter offers precise and dependable readings essential for energy management and billing purposes. It directly measures up to 100A in three-phase systems and supports 1/5A input CTs, ensuring accuracy for any scenarios.

User-Friendly Design

The Tenka Power Meter features an intuitive menu and clear LCD display for hassle-free operation. Its built-in Modbus and Pulsed outputs allow easy integration into building management systems. Tenka Power Meters DIN rail-mounted design simplifies installation.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

Modbus interface

Built-in Modbus and pulsed outputs
for connectivity

Precision Accuracy

Ensures Class 0.5 accuracy for
reliable readings


Supports both single and three-
phase systems and Ct´s

LCD Display

Easy-to-read, real-time energy
data display

CT Input Support

Supports 1/5A input CTs for
enhanced flexibility

Export control

Efficiently regulate and
monitor energy export

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