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Connect 80 devices via RS485 and Ethernet

Tenka Power Logger

Capture powerful insights with our Tenka Power Logger

Integrating the Tenka Power Logger with your solar inverter enhances solar energy management. It continuously monitors the inverter’s performance, quickly identifying faults to reduce maintenance downtime.

With detailed energy analysis, users can optimize consumption patterns. Historical data storage aids in trend analysis, helping with long-term performance assessments. This logger is vital for efficient system management, maintenance planning, and ROI assessment of solar energy systems, enhancing real-time monitoring and long-term system efficiency.

Art. Nr.: 6104020000

Versatile communication

The Tenka Power Logger supports 3 RS485 ports and Ethernet for connecting energy meters and other equipment. Serving as the communications hub for Tenka inverters, it sends PV system data to the Tenka Power Cloud via LAN or WLAN, ensuring continuous monitoring and performance overview.

Manage up to 80 devices

Capable of connecting with up to 80 units, including PV and hybrid inverters, the Tenka Power Logger efficiently sends data to the Tenka Power Cloud for remote monitoring. This streamlined process offers a comprehensive, accessible, and functional solution for real-time data monitoring.

User-Friendly Installation

Featuring an intelligent controller with multiple energy management strategies, including a 0-export limitation function, the Tenka Power Logger allows effective regulation of energy exports. This design ensures efficient control, enhancing performance and adaptability, while promoting sustainable energy use.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

Extensive Connectivity

Connect 80 devices via RS485
and Ethernet

Seamless Installation

Automatic Modbus address

Web-Based Monitoring

Built-in Web server for browser

Easy Operations

Inverter settings and firmware

Remote Maintenance

Optimized OPEX via remote
plant maintenance

Power Control

Active and reactive power

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