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Heatpump for Heat & Cool

Tenka Power Heat

Contemporary heating using the sun

Explore Tenka Power heat pumps, a groundbreaking and eco-friendly approach to home heating. Utilizing refrigerants’ unique properties, these pumps efficiently transfer heat from the environment to your living spaces.

Not just efficient, they also boast aesthetic appeal. Available in various models, they cater to diverse building needs, from new, energy-efficient constructions to retrofits designed for low-temperature heating. Tenka Power heat pumps offer a perfect blend of performance, design, and adaptability for different architectural styles.

Range: 6 und 10 kW Art. Nr.: 7201020000, Range: 14 und 18 kW Art. Nr.: 7203020000

All-weather Performance

The Tenka Power heat pump delivers unmatched efficiency, functioning in temperatures as low as -30°C due to its advanced refrigerant injection technology. This results in a 30% boost in efficiency, ensuring reliable heating and cooling in diverse conditions. Its innovative design sets new standards in performance.

Versatile and Efficient

The Tenka Power heat pump achieves up to 60°C feed water temperature, offers high COP values, and features remote control via Wi-Fi. Its intelligent defrosting capability ensures comprehensive functionality. This versatile system adapts to different environments and performance requirements.

Safe and Reliable

Meeting international quality standards, the Tenka Power heat pump is TÜV certified and incorporates state-of-the-art DC leakage current detection. This Tenka Power heating system prioritizes safety, reliability, and performance, adhering to stringent quality benchmarks.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

Intelligent Defrost Feature

Automatically prevents frost
buildup for efficiency

Modern R32 Refrigerant

Eco-friendly and energy-
efficient refrigerant used

High-Quality Energy

Delivers consistent, reliable
power output

Panasonic EVI Compressor

Durable, high-performance
compressor technology

Sleek & Innovative Design

Stylish and modern aesthetic

Controllable Remote Control

Easily to be operated from
a distance

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