supporting 2 independent MPPT trackers up to 4 PV strings

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Integrated type 1 and 2 overvoltage surge protection, 1,100 V DC and 40 A

Tenka Power Guard

The benchmark in PV-System safety

The Tenka Power Guard 2-2 DC junction box with integrated type 1 and 2 overvoltage surge protection is a high-quality solution for protecting solar systems equipment against any dangerous overvoltage such as direct and indirect lightning strikes or transient overvoltages.

This solution enables the simple connection of two independent MPP trackers and up to a maximum of four PV strings to the inverter. Tenka Power Guard 2-2 helps you to protect your investment and optimizes the performance of your solar system.

Art. Nr.: 6301030000

System Compatibility

The Tenka Power Guard is compatible with a wide range of inverters and solar modules. Featuring 1.100 Volt, connections for two independent MPPT trackers, each supporting up to two strings, offering a flexible and safe solution for any system configurations, maximizing overall system safety.

Surge Protection

Tenka Power Guard provides superior protection for your system with integrated Type 1+2 surge protection. It effectively guards against damages caused by overvoltages resulting from direct and indirect lightning strikes. Not just only protecting your PV-system but your entire home.

Robust Design

The Tenka Power Guard 2-2 impresses with its robust Ip65 polycarbonate housing and high impact resistance (Ik10), making it exceptionally durable. The transparent window allows easy monitoring for simple maintenance and continuous observation of built-in surge protection devices.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

Universal Compatibility
Suitable for all common inverters
and solar modules

DC junction Box
For photovoltaic systems up to
1,100 V DC and 40 A

Surge Protection Type 1+2
Quick and simple surge protection

Complete Installation Kit
Includes all necessary mounting
and connection accessories.

System design flexibility
supporting 2 independent MPPT
trackers up to 4 PV strings

Easy O&M
Transparent window for checking
surge protector status

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