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Supports all mainstream WLAN & broadband networks

Tenka Power Dongle

Simplified and smart solar monitoring

Tenka Power LAN/WLAN Dongles are our latest advancement in solar installation monitoring. This device simplifies inverter data tracking by offering 24/7 energy production insights via the Tenka Power Cloud mobile app. Designed to work in harsh conditions, it features IP66 waterproof design for reliable inverter connectivity.

Its tool-free installation and straightforward commissioning process allows quick setup. The Tenka Power Dongle LAN/WLAN provides efficient monitoring and comprehensive real-time performance data tracking of your PV system.

Art. Nr.: 6102020000

Compact and Reliable Design

The Tenka Power LAN/WLAN Dongle features a sleek, compact design, measuring just 170 x 50 x 30 mm. With an IP66 rating it offers waterproof design ideal for harsh weather conditions. Tenka Power LAN/WLAN Dongles perfectly work together with Tenka Power Cloud App.

Intelligent Monitoring

Tenka Power LAN/WLAN Dongles seamlessly connect to Tenka Power App for simple 24/7 monitoring of your PV system. Supporting up to five devices, it provides real-time photovoltaic data on your smartphone. Easy commissioning with QR code streamlining the installation process to make it efficient and user-friendly.

Simple communication

Emphasizing simplicity Tenka Power LAN/WLAN Dongles offer a plug and play tool-free installation. Simply plug into your inverter and start the setup process with Tenka Power Cloud App. This underscores our commitment to providing advanced technology, ensuring a seamless experience for both users and installers.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

Supports 10 devices

Tenka Power LAN/WLAN Dongles
can manage up to 10 devices


Supports all mainstream WLAN
& broadband networks

Easy Monitoring

24/7 monitoring through Tenka
Power Cloud App

Maximum Protection

IP66-rated for reliable indoor
and outdoor use

Plug and Play

Compatible with a wide
range of Tenka Power inverters

Zero export

Features smart zero export

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