connect up to 5 devices

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using high-speed cellular technology

Tenka Power Dongle

Over the air cellular communication

Tenka Power innovative 4G Dongle enhances solar installation monitoring, offering an easy way to track inverter data. This user-friendly device supports up to 5 devices, and provides 24/7 real-time energy production data of your PV-system through Tenka Power Cloud App.

Ip66 protection rating allows unrestricted indoor and outdoor use ensuring a stable connection in all weather conditions. Dongle mounting is tool-free and commissioning is done easy with the Tenka Power Cloud App.

Art. Nr.: 6103020000

Compact and robust design

Tenka Power 4G Dongle with Micro-SIM card comes in a compact size of just 154 x 50 x 33 mm and a robust IP66 waterproof design ensuring reliable 24/7 solar monitoring also in harsh weather conditions. Tenka Power 4G Dongles perfectly work together with Tenka Power Cloud App.

Intelligent Monitoring

Tenka Power 4G Dongles seamlessly connect to Tenka Power App for simple 24/7 monitoring of your PV system. Supporting up to five devices, it provides realtime photovoltaic data on your smartphone. Easy commissioning with QR code streamlining the installation process to make it efficient and user-friendly.

Simple communication

Emphasizing simplicity Tenka Power 4G Dongles offer a plug and play tool-free installation. Simply plug into your inverter and start the setup process with Tenka Power Cloud App. This underscores our commitment to providing advanced technology, ensuring a seamless experience for both users and installers.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

Supports 5 Devices

Tenka Power 4G Dongle
manages up to 5 devices

Cellular Technology

Connects using high-speed
cellular technology

Easy Monitoring

24/7 monitoring through Tenka
Power Cloud App

Maximum Protection

IP66-rated for reliable indoor
and outdoor use

Plug and Play

Compatible with a wide
range of Tenka Power inverters

Automatic Uploads

Automatic data uploads
once connected

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