For Apple and Android devices

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Monitoring - anytime, anywhere, at no costs

Tenka Power Cloud

Smart PV-system monitoring - anytime, anywhere, at no costs

Tenka Power Cloud App simplifies numerous processes for the installation and operation of PV systems tailored to the needs of operators and installers.

Key features include device management, real-time energy flow information, and alert notifications. The app also supports easy commissioning, self-identifying components, and advanced functions like proactive system diagnostics and performance data storage, significantly reducing maintenance time.

For Apple Devices Art. Nr.: 6107020001, For Android Devices Art. Nr.: 6107020002

For installers and end-users

Tenka Power Cloud App is an advanced, user-friendly mobile app for PV system monitoring. Tenka Power Cloud App offers intuitive visualization for tracking real-time system production, energy consumption and historical data. The streamlined setup and commissioning wizard makes life easier for installers.

Easy & Intuitive Use

Tenka Power Cloud App offers fast and easy access to real-time energy production and historical data of your PV system. It allows quick identification and optimization of performance issues to maximize overall system output. Several management permissions can be assigned to multiple users.

From anywhere, at anytime

Tenka Power Cloud App provides access to real-time data of your PV system from anywhere, anytime. Tenka Power Cloud App ensures accurate and up-to-date information you can rely on. Tenka Power Cloud App offers real-time fault notifications, remote troubleshooting and online system updates.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

24/7 System Monitoring

Real time monitoring via Tenka
Power Cloud

Free of charge

Free of charge and free life-
time updates

Intuitive App Interface

Simple and user-friendly

Quick Setup

Quick and easy commissioning
and configuration

Multi-User Access

Manage multiple users with
several rights

Instant Fault Alerts

Real-time notifications and
troubleshooting tips