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EV Charger with 7.5 meter charging cable

Tenka Power Charger

Revolutionary AC charging for electric vehicles

At Tenka Power, we are committed to making choices that help build a sustainable future. Introducing the Tenka Power Charger series, which showcases Tenkas expertise in the solar energy industry.

These smart electric vehicle (EV) chargers are designed with great care. They are made to meet the needs of both users and installers, enhancing the overall experience. We pay attention to every detail, combining advanced technology with easy-to-use designs. This aligns with our goal to offer sustainable solutions.

Experience the future with Tenka Power’s advanced single and three phase AC EV chargers. They bring the latest technology into your home, ensuring a safe and smart charging experience. Tenka Power Chargers come in a sleek, user-friendly design and make charging of your electric vehicle easier than ever.

1-Phase: 7.4 kW Art. Nr.: 4103020000, 3-Phase: 11 kW Art. Nr.: 4103020001, 3-Phase: 22 kW Art. Nr.: 4103020002

Innovative Design

Tenka Power AC EV chargers combine an aesthetical elegant design with a robust, streamlined body. In elegant white or sophisticated black Tenka Power EV chargers perfectly match blends with your electric vehicle and home.

Easy to Install

Designed for simplicity, Tenka Power AC EV Chargers are compact, lightweight, and wall-mountable, ensuring fast and easy installation. They come with tool free plug-in terminal blocks, a user-friendly APP for quick setup and versatile cable entry points for easy installation.


Tenka Power Chargers comply with IEC 61851-1 and CE standards. They feature integrated DC 6mA residual current protection and built-in PEN fault detection. All Tenka Power EV-Chargers come with shutter for equipment safety and adjustable charging power (6A to 32A).

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

Innovative Design

Elegant, robust, streamlined

Easy to install

Tool-free, app-assisted


Meets IEC standards,
built-in safety


IP65, IK10, 3-year

Smart & Eco-friendly

WiFi/BLE, App, solar


RFID/NFC, ergonomic

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