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Three Phase String Inverter

Tenka Power Center

State of the art technology for high energy yields

The Tenka Power Center 7500 series offers highly flexible and robust inverter solutions for commercial and industrial plants with significant energy needs. These units are designed to support businesses in achieving low-carbon goals.

Featuring a compact, award-winning design with IP66 rating, they ensure durability in harsh weather. With up to ten independent MPP trackers and 150% DC/AC ratio oversizing, they offer unparalleled flexibility in system design. Additionally, the integrated shadow management system ensures consistent electricity production, even in partial shade.

Range: 80, 100, 110 kW
Art. Nr.: 2201027500

High Power

The Tenka Power Center 7500 series is engineered for power, offering a 16A maximum DC input and 10 MPPTs for optimized energy performance with bi-facial and large-area modules. Ideal for varied residential rooftops, it allows 150% PV array oversizing, catering to diverse design needs and scales.

Enhanced Control

Featuring 24/7 monitoring, user-friendly setup via the Tenka Power Cloud app, and advanced string-level management, the Tenka Power Center 7500 series also includes the Tenka Ai-Logger for efficient photovoltaic management. These features collectively aid in reducing energy costs effectively.

Easy Install & Monitor

The Tenka Power Center 7500is designed for quick, tool-free installation, compatible with a range of panels. Optional internet connectivity, provided by Plug & Play and 4G dongles, enables monitoring up to five inverters through the Tenka Power Cloud App, offering real-time data and system alerts.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

Maximum design flexibility

up to 10 MPPTs for versatility in
PV system design and layout.

Fuse-less Design

Reducing BOS and O&M

150% oversizing

150% PV array oversizing
for higher yields

32A String Current

32A maximum DC current
per MPPT input

IP-66 Rating

IP66-rated design​ for reliable
outdoor use

Arc fault circuit interruptor

AFCI protection reduces fire risk
resulting from DC arcs.

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