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Three Phase String Inverter

Tenka Power Center

Smart and flexible three-phase commercial inverter generation

The Tenka Power Center 7000 series inverters combine durable design with high reliable performance, ideal for small and medium scale commercial and agricultural solar scenarios.

These robust and compact inverters support 182/210mm PV modules and feature three independent MPP trackers with up to 32/40A DC input current each. Capable of 150% PV oversizing, enabling dual string configurations and supporting bi-facial and high current PV modules, offering a versatile and efficient energy solution.

Range: 25, 27, 30, 33, 36, 40 kW
Art. Nr.: 2201027000


Engineered to international quality and safety standards, the Tenka Power Center 7000 series features reliable solar inverters with IP66 protection. Supporting DC reverse polarity protection, AC sensitive residual current monitoring, and Type II AC and DC overvoltage protection, ensuring safe operation in any conditions.


The Tenka Power Center 7000 series boasts a maximum 32/40A DC input current and 3 MPPTs for optimal energy performance with bi-facial and high current PV modules. Capable of 150% PV array oversizing, these inverters are ideal for any commercial rooftop and agricultural ground mounted solar installations.

Installation & Monitoring

Designed for quick and easy installation with standard tools, these inverters are compatible with a wide range of solar panels. Various optional communication options enable connectivity with Tenka Power Cloud portal. Allowing easy O&M and 24/7 real-time data monitoring.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

32/40A String Current

32/40A maximum DC current
per MPPT input

Fuse-less Design

Reducing BOS and O&M

150% oversizing

150% PV array oversizing
for higher yields

Compact and lightweight

Compact and lightweight
design for easy installation

IP-66 Rating

IP66-rated design​ for reliable
outdoor use

Arc fault circuit interruptor

AFCI protection reduces fire risk
resulting from DC arcs.

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