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Ket features

  • Our solar cells offer high conversion efficiency to ensure the highest quality
  • Our high performing modules have an industry low tolerance of +5% (optional)
  • The modules can withstand high wind-pressure, snow loads and extreme temperatures
  • Passed IEC 5400 Pa mechanical loading test
Cell Type:
Poly-crystalline 156×156mm (6 inch)
No. of cells:
72 (6×10)
1956×992×40mm (77.01×39.05×1.57inch)
26.5 kg (58.4 lbs.)
Front Glass:
3.2mm, High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass
3.2mm, High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass
Junction Box:
IP65 Rated
Output Cables:
TÜV 1×4.0mm² / UL 12AWG, Length:900mm
Module Type300W-72P305W-72P310W-72P315W-72P320W-72P325W-72P
Maximum Power at STC (Pmax)300Wp305Wp310Wp315Wp320Wp325Wp
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)36.6V36.8V37.0V37.2V37.4V37.6V
Maximum Power Current (Imp)8.20A8.30A8.38A8.48A8.56A8.66A
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc)45.3V45.6V45.9V46.2V46.4V46.7V
Short-circuit Current (Isc)8.84A9.18A8.96A9.01A9.05A9.10A
Cell Efficiency (%)18.60%18.80%19.00%19.20%19.40%19.60%
Module Efficiency (%)14.43%14.95%15.46%15.98%16.49%16.75%
Operating Temperature (°C)-40℃~+85℃-40℃~+85℃-40℃~+85℃-40℃~+85℃-40℃~+85℃-40℃~+85℃
Maximum system voltage1500V VDC1500V VDC1500V VDC1500V VDC1500V VDC1500V VDC
Maximum series fuse rating15A15A15A15A15A15A
Temperature coefficients of Pmax-0.45%/℃-0.45%/℃-0.45%/℃-0.45%/℃-0.45%/℃-0.45%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Voc-0.27%/℃-0.27%/℃-0.27%/℃-0.27%/℃-0.27%/℃-0.27%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Isc0.05%/℃0.05%/℃0.05%/℃0.05%/℃0.05%/℃0.05%/℃
Nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT)45±2℃45±2℃45±2℃45±2℃45±2℃45±2℃

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