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Tenka Solar with its 20 GW of produced energy, is the world’s first company offering three unique solar technologies, each designed to meet varying needs in performance, technology, and cost:

• Orion® Technology: The cornerstone of Tenka’s innovation, renowned globally for its advanced features and reliability.
• Orion Ultimate®: Combines Back Contact Technology with a minimalistic black design, setting a new standard for both efficiency and style.
• PrismaX®: A game-changer in solar efficiency, offering an unprecedented 29% efficiency, available for pre-order.


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Tenka Solar has manufacturing facilities and sales offices worldwide, including factories in China, South Korea and Italy. There are also sales offices in Germany, Italy, Spain , Croatia, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh, India, Brazil and United Arab Emirates where she established its research center.

Green Energy Produced 20 GW
CO2 emissions avoided 10.600.000 Kg
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Spain Benicarló

Tenka Solar Powers Sustainable Innovation with Orion Series IX Panels in Benicarló

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